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AF Constructions offers state of the art residence designs and construction services. In its recent history it has achieved to become a reliable and dynamic solution for modern architectural design requirements and applications of specific constructions. The main concern of the company’s founder, Aggelos Filoxenidis, a civil engineer, to plan and construct residences as to be used by himself, operates as the basic tool for understanding and managing the property during its planning and construction. Always in collaboration with the property owners, we jointly work for the construction of high-tech residences complying with intelligent solution requirements, using the proper materials and techniques with a specific emphasis on energy upgrading (insulations, thermal insulations, green doors and windows, small individual gas boilers, heat pumps) so that each residence has its own identity.
In our building residences quality prevails over quantity. The objective of the company is to select the appropriate plots and areas (corner plots, plots near the seaside, etc) and the co-ordination and activation of a group of professionals of all specialties in order to achieve the maximum performance. Architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, including topographers and 3D modelers form the above project group, while they prepare models, photorealistic 3d drawings and light designs.
Based on architecture, the cardinal objective of AF is to offer the best living conditions to its users, by providing with life quality upgrading along with the accomplishment of its operational needs. For the achievement of the said objective, both Dinos Polychroniou and Maria Tsipoura, the company’s architects’ collaborators, during their designs, take into consideration a number of complex principles and parameters, such as:

  • The peculiarities of the natural and artificial environment including its characteristics (view, orientation, climate).
  • The symmetric incorporation of the construction to the building environment of a specific area.
  • The clear idea, human scale, readable geometry and stereometry including an understanding of the total to the unit and vice versa.
  • The delicate issue of habitation including the parameters of “multihabitation”, the need for isolation of private areas and the possible meeting in common areas.
  • The development of the plastic and aesthetic capabilities of the building together with the creation of covered, semi-outdoor and outdoor quality living areas.
  • The careful planting of the appropriate trees, bushes and plants creating and dividing areas, while they periodically modify the image colors by identifying the different seasons of the year (aesthetic garden).
  • The design is orientated to a modern technological bioclimatic and energy building, supported with flexibility and adaptability to any new modern changes.
  • All legal requirements (New Building Regulation, Building Regulation and Fireproofing) including successful solutions to modern problems such as green buildings and accessibility and convertibility for disabled persons.
  • The creation of a specific building able to both correspond with the identity of the residence and redefine the broader town environment.